Ryder Cup Comes to Minnesota

By Greg Wires

When The Ryder Cup comes to Hazeltine National this fall, all eyes in the golf world will turn toward Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes has deep ties to professional golf and offers a wide array of golf options to the general public. More

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Mission Hills to Celebrate 100

By Leigh MacKay

From Oct. 1 through Jan. 15, 2017, the Mission Inn golf package—with its two-night minimum stay—includes daily golf with shared cart, unlimited use of all facilities, deluxe accommodations and breakfast buffet – plus a a four-course wine dinner for two on arrival at El Conquistador lakeside restaurant. More

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Golf and Spring Training

By Dan Vukelich

Golfers are genetically disposed to shop for deals when they travel to warm-weather golf destinations such as Phoenix, so this may sound counterintuitive: Stop shopping and remember three words: TPC, Scottsdale and Fairmont – the single best golf value you’ll find this winter. More

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Wild Dunes Resort: Fazio Golf

By Dan Vukelich

Not far from Downtown Charleston, S.C., on the barrier island of Isle of Palms, you’ll find a self-contained resort community of beachfront homes and condos that is consistently ranked among the best in the United States. The Wild Dunes Resort’s recreational offerings include tennis, golf, sailing, fishing, swimming, bicycling, scuba diving and archery. And of course, for the less energetic among us, there’s always lazing about on the beach with a good book. More

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Pebble Beach: Too Much Hype?

Tom Gorman

So what is the allure and magic of Pebble Beach that annually attracts over 60,000 well-heeled players? To the first-time visitor, the overwhelming image of ocean, forests, dunes and mountains is indescribably momentous.


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Winter Invitation to Palm Spring Golf


In the great American Southwest, there is desert golf. And then there is Palm Springs.

Technically, Palm Springs, the specific, is a small municipality located some two hours’ drive southeast of greater Los Angeles. But more commonly, Palm Springs, the generic, refers to an area of the Coachella Valley that includes nine such townships.

More important to golf enthusiasts, the greater Palm Springs area offers more than 50 golf courses, most of which welcome traveling golfers.  More

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Mystical Golf’s Three Gems

By Dave Finn

In 1967 The Beatles released their classic song and British television film, Magical Mystery Tour. The inspiration supposedly came from the Fab Four and other group members celebrating their time touring the country in a bus. For me, the tune conjures up fond memories of times spent golfing on the road. Here’s my rendition:

“Roll up (we’ve got everything you need)…
Roll up (satisfaction guaranteed)…
Roll up for the magical mystical tour”

Fast forward two decades when Mystical Golf owner Claude Pardue commissions renowned Architect Dan Maples to create a trio of golf courses with different personalities and challenges as unique as their namesakes. More

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Cabo Golf: Unequivocally Quivera


Two crazy things happened at the airport when returning from Quivera Golf Club in Cabo San Lucas. First, there was not another soul in the security line, just us! Then they confiscated our golf balls! Yep, two dozen souvenir balls in our carry-on were deemed “dangerous. More

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Tucson: Winter Golf for Less Green

By Dan Vukelich

During a normal winter, let’s face it, there really are only a handful of reliably warm-weather winter golf locales in the Lower 48: Phoenix-Scottsdale, Southern California, Florida, the Gulf Coast, and, in a good year, Southern Nevada. More


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Top Course for Couples: North America


Great golf destinations for couples include more than links to share. Here we reflect on ten around the North American continent, starting up north. More


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