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  • Golf is Resurgent in Marvelous Mississippi

    Golf is Resurgent in Marvelous Mississippi0

    Hurricane Katrina well in the Magnolia State’s Rearview Mirror By Grant Fraser If Elvis Presley was a golfer and alive today, he would be proud of the state he was born in more than 80 years ago. Despite having a population of only 2.5 million, the state of Mississippi is home to more than 140

  • Compete with Thousands in Myrtle Beach World Am

    Compete with Thousands in Myrtle Beach World Am0

    Flighted Events Lead to a Single Net Winner By Dan Vukelich If you’ve got a spare week for a golf getaway this summer, consider playing in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship, perhaps the world’s biggest golf tournament. Three thousand amateur golfers, sorted into 70 flights by age and USGA handicap, play four rounds

  • Daytona: Speedway to Fairways

    Daytona: Speedway to Fairways0

    Daytona Area Features Terrific Golf Courses Golf Digest Puts Daytona in Top 15 Golf  Destinations By Grant Fraser For golf aficionados, Daytona Beach will not disappoint as confirmed by Golf Digest which recently ranked the area in the Top 15 places to play golf in the U.S. While there may be more than 1,000 golf

  • Streamsong’s Newest

    Streamsong’s Newest0

    By Grant Fraser Streamsong. I’m not sure where the name came from but it certainly has a gentle, melodic sound to it. Maybe it’s because Florida’s newest 54-hole golf destination is strategically located in an area of the state where there is no noise or traffic, no confusion or chaos, and each day seems like

  • Golf Florida’s First Coast

    Golf Florida’s First Coast0

    Great Golf Stretches from Jacksonville to St. Augustine By Grant Fraser If birthdays become more special the older you get, imagine turning 450; especially if you are one of the fortunate few Floridians that call the charming city of St. Augustine home. The celebration, parties and fireworks have already begun along Florida’s Historic Coast as

  • It Takes a PGA Village

    It Takes a PGA Village0

    Port St. Lucie PGA Complex Features a Terrific Trio of Golf Courses By Grant Fraser It is more than fitting that one of the best golf resorts in the U.S is located on a street called Perfect Drive. 1916 Perfect Drive to be exact, the address of the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Fla.