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Fountain Hills, Arizona 85269

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John Conger, Arizona Golf JournalJohn runs Arizona Golf Journal, an online publication he is rebuilding into a must-visit website for golf news in the Greater Phoenix area. John has been in the golf industry for nearly 30 years and he’s been a member of the Golf Writers Association of America for more than 20 years.

Although he played college golf at the University of Redlands and Chico State University, he recognized he wasn’t talented enough to “play between the ropes” and entered the golf industry as a golf-show promoter and worked in a variety of locales, including Seattle, San Jose, Sacramento, Southern California and Phoenix.

During his career, he published a variety of golf-tourism publications, including Incentive Golf Magazine, Golf California Magazine, Golf Nevada Magazine and Golf Utah Magazine. He developed golf-industry mailing lists and at one time compiled the world’s largest golf mailing list with 7.2 million names.  He currently has a list of more than 200,000 golfer emails at his disposal.

Along with his work as a real estate broker specializing in ranch properties in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, John is developing the Western Golf Journal, a new online lifestyle publication that will focus on golf travel, golf real estate and anything golf related. As part of that project, he is in the market for any golf content, including reviews of golf resorts.